High-Mountain Cartography in Canada - Selected Historic Maps Reviewed

Michael J. Fisher
Cartographic Technician
Dept. of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta


Resting within the archives of the University of Alberta are numerous historic maps of Canada’s western Cordillera and the High Arctic. Using a multi-media presentation, this lecture will focus on the methodology used to create these maps as well as highlight the Canadian pioneers who produced them. Notable high-mountain cartographers/surveyers including A.O. Wheeler and M.P. Bridgeland will be discussed. These historic maps will also be placed in context with relatively modern middle to late twentieth century works through a review of selected maps created by the National Research Council of Canada/McGill University and the Inland Waters Directorate. Included in this lecture is a review of some of the most detailed maps of glaciers on Axel Heiberg Island as well as a number of glacier maps of the Canadian Rockies.