Scratchland: Creating Fictional Terrains in Bryce for Teaching Geography

Alex Tait
Equator Graphics
1320 Fenwick Lane, Suite 303
Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA
Tel: 301-588-7225


Corel Bryce software is capable of creating complex and natural-looking landscapes from scratch. Many cartographers and artists play around with the fractal generation capabilities of Bryce's terrain editor and with the natural materials possible in Brye's texture editor but generally the practical application of these fictional worlds is limited--mostly used for computer gaming.

Education publisher Prenctice Hall contacted me to create a three-dimensional landscape view that would illustrate geographical terms such as volcano, peninsula, mountain, hill, archipelago, etc.They wanted it all in one view and with the capability of animations at a later stage. I used Corel Bryce to synthesize the needed terrains and features for the landscape and to create a view encompassing all the landforms (illustration).

In this presentation I will demonstrate the following:

1. Techniques used to create the terrains: steep mountains, volcano, canyon, lakes and rivers.

2. Materials used to provide natural coloring and textures on the terrains.

3. Techniques for positioning elements into a single view.